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Lose weight tip 1: Eat at least 5 times a day. Maybe you will disagree and say, "No way!" But the fact is, eating small portions composed of healthy, high-fiber and nutritious diet at least 5 times a day is better than eating 3 big portions of meals per day.

Lose weight tip 2: Need a fast way to lose weight for an occasion? We often hear the myth that going on crash diets or starvation diets as others may call it can help if you want a fast way to lose weight.

Lose weight tip 3: Diet professionals and nutritionists tell us to drink at least eight 8-ounced glasses of water every day.

Lose weight tip 4: If you are playing video games all day long, it may just help you lose weight. Impossible you say? Not really. Playing fast-paced, mindless, adrenaline pumping games can work you up a sweat.

Lose weight tip 5: It helps to know your kind of exercise. If you're not into jogging, run. If you're not into running, use a stationary bicycle.

Lose weight tip 6: The human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Get lots of sleep so your body can burn fat efficiently.

Lose weight tip 7: Chew your food thoroughly because chewing gives your stomach great help to break down food into smaller pieces.

Lose weight tip 8: Set realistic goals. If you don't seem to lose a pound in a week, you're not doing well enough.

Lose weight tip 9: We've heard it all before. The "use-the-stairs-instead-of-the-elevator" exercise. It has always been true and it is still true until today.

Lose weight tip 10: Engage in rigorous activities which you enjoy. Dancing and playing running sports are some of the best ways to exercise while having fun.

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