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Low Testosterone Side Effects

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Side Effects of Low Male Testosterone

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The broad impact of testosterone is apparent across many aspects of male health. Physical strength and vitality greatly depend on proper testosterone levels. Sexual energy is highly correlated to hormone balance, including testosterone. From an emotional standpoint, depression and lethargy can stem from low T.

Many men attribute declines in their performance to short term stressors, such as work or relationships. While these factors may contribute to testosterone loss, low T often results from a slew of reasons. The causes of low testosterone run the gamut, yet have common side effects.

Your age, lifestyle and diet all affect testosterone levels. Men who understand low T symptoms can better take action to balance their hormones for optimal health.

To offset hormone imbalances, men may use testosterone boosters or medical replacement therapies, depending on individual needs.

Below are side effects of low testosterone that can alert men to take action:

Low Libido:

An unexplained drop in sexual desire may indicate low testosterone.

While periodic disinterest in sex is normal, a sustained decline may come from low T levels.

Since sexual energy involves mind and body connections, loss of libido may entail erectile dysfunction or orgasm difficulties.

Cardiovascular Health:

Testosterone is correlated with levels of HDL cholesterol. HDL helps clear arteries of plaque buildup for improved heart health. With low T, a man may be at higher risk for cardiovascular issues, such as bypass surgery.

Some men may incorporate essential fatty acids (EFAs) and healthy fats from eggs or nuts as part of their diets. These foods also contain adequate cholesterol, which is the molecule that is converted to testosterone.

Changes to Body Composition:

Body composition often changes during hormone shifts. For men, this is apparent with rising body fat. Despite proper diet and exercise, men with low T may notice ineffective workout results.

If variables such as nutrition and exercise have been constant, low T may explain reduced strength or loss of bone density. Beyond the gym, each of these is essential to everyday life.


Hormonal imbalances that involve low testosterone can take an emotional toll on men.

Although estrogen is commonly viewed as a female hormone, certain levels are helpful to male health and enhance masculinity.

Endorphins from maca root or gamma oryzanol in certain testosterone boosters help enhance mood. Men may turn to these supplements for overall wellness.


Whatever the circumstances, extended stints of body changes should be evaluated.

A blood test from a medical professional can accurately determine your testosterone. Remember to compare hormone levels with life stages and lifestyle factors. By doing so, you can make informed decisions on treatment options.

In particular cases, testosterone boosters or replacement methods can accompany changes to diet and exercise for better results.

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